Through education we hope to fill in the gaps of arts education while complimenting programs that are already available in our community.


A favorite activity of children young and old and an artistic foundation for careers on stage and the silver screen. Face painting is an artform that can transform and entertain. Our Basics of Face Painting workshop provides a fun & artful, step-by-step approach to creating simple designs and full masterpieces using the face as a canvas.

Saturdays, February 1st – March 7th

Ages 8 – 12 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Class fee: $100, includes makeup kit

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Discover Magic©️ - Summer Magic Camp

The Discover Magic©️ program is an internationally recognized curriculum for budding magicians ready to take up the wand.  This early summer workshop offers a unique perspective into the science and skill of executing magic tricks, while building the character and confidence required to interact with an audience. Whether it is to entertain family or friends this program opens up a new world for its students.  Novice magicians will earn a new wand for each of the four magic levels completed. 

Registration for Discover Magic – Summer Magic Camp will open in the spring.