Historical Masonic Temple


For over 100 years, the Historic Masonic Temple served as the home to the Joppa Lodge Masons, until 2005 when it was purchased by the Bay Arts Council. 


Today, the building is owned by the Friends of the Historic Masonic Temple who are dedicated to the mission of preserving and restoring the building while working to establish a community school for the arts within. 


We envision this space to serve as a multi-use venue for fostering the arts of all kinds! We strive for this space to be enjoyed for at least another 100 years!  

About the Board

Dee Dee Wacksman- President
Keith Birchler- Secretary
Kelley Kent- Treasurer 
Christa Schubert- Director 
Jarod Benjamin- Director
Nicholas Suchyta- Director
Eric Jhyla- Director